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About Us
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    Suzhou Dongsan Machinery CO.,LTD is a professional company that provides professional ,unique and humanistic equipment with the whole solution for customers, Which also offers unique steel-grabing and materials-grabing machinary for customers aiming at ports,docks,steelworks and fuel electric plant and so on to unload ,transfer and lift the balk cargo,such as coal ,powdered ore and limestone mining and so on,and scrap steel and handle the trash of large-scale Trash.It also supply the customers who specialize in cement and nonferrous metal and need coming off , excavation and unloading with large and middle hydraulic excavator.It boasts the right of importing and exporting.
     Suzhou Dongsan Machinery CO.,LTD, based on the management concept of integrating resources , value Innovation and having success between you and me establishs strategic partner relationships shared in market and technical resources with several manufacturers at home and abroad and participates in the develop and promotion of new products directly.
     Suzhou Dongsan Machinery CO.,LTD has strong technical services, high-efficiency management team and perfect service network,which offer a solid platform to integrate recource to a great extent and guarantee the correctness,rationality and effectiveness of customer’s choosing machinary,and reduce the risk of investment and meet the needs of customers who hope the machinary adaptive,reliable and benefial.
    Suzhou Dongsan Machinery CO.,LTD pays attention to the personnel training and respect the objective laws of talent development.It also makes the training as the best benefit for employees and let the workers of different levels find out the the suitable way to learn.In the process of establishing and completing the incentive systems of talent competition ,it also excites the initiative and creativity of workers through carrting out appraisal activities which are abundant in content and various informative,and let them give full play to themselves and improve the work efficiency.


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